The Future of Golf Retail Market

Golf is a very popular game in United states of America, United Kingdom most of the European countries, majority of the Asia-Pacific countries and many developing countries as well. With its global popularity on the rise a whole retail industry related to golf products has emerged.

Popular Retail products related to golf are:

1.            Golf Balls

2.            Golf clubs

3.            Ball markers

4.            Divot tool

5.            Gloves

6.            Golf shoes

7.            Golf cart

8.            Golf bag and many more.


1.            Golf economy in the United States of America is considered to be at 70 billion US dollars.

2.            According to National sporting goods associations consumers will spend around 3.43 billion US dollars on golf equipment.

3.            Whereas the whole sale golf equipment has a value of about 2.26 billion.

4.            Adidas reported 1.11 billion U.S. dollars in revenue from its Taylor Made Golf segment.

5.            The revenue of Callaway Golf was at 887 million U.S. dollars, of which almost 50 percent were generated in the United States.

6.            Outdoor foundation estimates about 24.72 million people play golf in United states of America

7.            The global golf industry is predicted to reach 1.9% per annum growth in the future years.

8.            The past annual growth rate of golf industry was 0.03% per annum.

9.            Golf clubs make up 50.5% of the global demand market, followed by golf balls which make up around 18.1% and remaining equipment for 34%.

Top Ten Golf Brands:

1.            Callaway: Considered to be top selling brand for iron golf clubs. Technologies like 360-degree undercut channels, variable face thicknesses and short hoses, which were extreme departures from the norm when first introduced by Callaway, have become standards in the industry.

2.            Taylor made: Producer of top played driver on the PGA tour. declared it as top selling brand for wood golf clubs. Developed unique technologies including movable weights and adjustable hoses that allow players to quickly and easily customize clubs to their liking.

3.            Titliest: Many golf clubs produced by Titliest company have been awarded gold medals in different categories of clubs such as driver, woods, hybrid, game improvement irons, wedge.  Titleist AP2 Irons brand of golf club has received the “Mixed Metal Iron Design” Award by Golf Tips. The AP2 irons golf clubs have the added benefit of combination of forged iron and tungsten sole. This combination results into a lighter club with great grip and feel.

4.            Nike: Tiger Woods endorses this brand with a host of other top players. Hotlist has awarded multiple medals in varied categories to Nike for golf clubs. It was also awarded for the Nike SQ MACHSPEED STR8-FIT the “Slice Buster” Award by Golf Tips. It is a square shaped driver that is straight, streamlined and swifter from any other square shaped drivers.

5.            Cleveland/Sxiron: Received medals from Hotlist for driver and wedge categories. Golf legend Ben Crenshaw is its consultant. named it best-selling brand for wedges.

6.            Mizuno: Has several favourable reviews on Golf tips top craftsmanship award was received by Mizuno MP-58 iron golf club for its slick, smooth and attractive design.

7.            Adams: Received multiple god medals from hotlist. Speed through geometry award was awarded by Golf tips to Adam Speedline Fast 10 woods for its faster swing speed and cut through air.

8.            Odyssey: Named top setting brand for putters by Odyssey has a patented Stronomic material that it uses for the face of its putters which makes it to stand out from traditional putters.

9.            Ping: Ping has received “Radical Wedge Design" Award for its Tour-W golf club from Golf tips. Tour-W golf club is famous for its ease of use and optimum use of available technologies.

10.          Cobra: Cobra brand has received multiple awards in different categories from hot list. Cobra is the number one produces of iron and metal woods golf clubs. Cobra merged its operation with Puma after being bought by the later.

Latest Launch of Golf clubs:

1.            Bridgestone JGR driver:

a)            Launched on March 4 2016.

b)            Priced at $300 USD.

c)            Appearance is highlighted by neon yellow graphics on the crown and white scoring lines on the clubface.

2.            Callaway XR16 Driver:

a)            Released on January 29, 2016.

b)            Priced at $349 USD.

c)            It is designed to produce maximum speed through the swing than the previous model.

3.            Cobra King F6 driver:

a)            Priced at $350 USD.

b)            Has key technologies such as Position the heavier 10-gram weight forward for a lower, penetrating ball flight or back for a higher flight.

4.            Mizuno MP-5 Irons:

a)            Released on September 18, 2015.

b)            Priced at $1000 USD.

c)            These golf clubs include the functionality of Low and High Bounce options that enables players to adapt to playing conditions and the club swing variation. It comes with a soft oval shape as compared to the previous “T” series wedge. Comes with two finishes -- white satin or blue ion.

5.            Nike Vapor Fly Driver:

a)            Released on January 29, 2016.

b)            Priced at $350 USD.

c)            Has reduced 30% weight from last year’s Vapor fly.

d)            Promotes higher-launching shots and greater carry.

6.            Odyssey Big T putters:

a)            Priced at $179 USD.

b)            Released on June 12, 2016.

c)            The Big T putters come in multiple, Tour-proven head shapes including the V-Line mallet, the #5, the V-Line centre shaft, and the new Big T Blade, ensuring there’s a model to fit just about anyone’s taste.

d)            Falls in the affordable range, best suited for beginners who want to better their performance at golf.

These are just six of more than 70 different types of golf clubs released by various companies. Golf is gaining popularity quickly all around the world. It is amongst those games which cannot be played without proper equipment and training. Though the required equipment (  is less, the products require great precision to work. The Golf retail industry is bound to grow with increasing fame and attention it garners worldwide.